Other executives

Lars Bering
Managing Director of Gibo Plast A/S and Dan-Hill-Plast A/S

Susie-Ann Spiegelhauer
CEO of Accoat A/S

Arild S. Johnsen
CEO of Plexx AS, Norway

Andreas Lagestig
Managing Director of Opido AB, Sweden

Michael Therkelsen
Managing Director of Tinby A/S

Loïc van der Heijden
Managing Director of TPI Polytechniek bv., Netherlands

Claus Lendal
CEO of Ergomat A/S in Denmark, USA and Poland

Mogens Laigaard
Director of SP Medical A/S

Mikko Toivonen
Managing Director of Coreplast Laitila Oy, Finland

Jan R. Sørensen
Managing Director of SP Moulding (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China

Jens Birklund Andersen
Director of SP Moulding A/S, Stoholm and Juelsminde and of Sander Tech ApS

Monika Karczewska
Managing Director of SP Moulding, Poland

Torben Bruhn
Managing Director of MedicoPack A/S

Thomas Bo Iversen
Managing Director of Meditec Plaststøbning A/S

Martin Baca
Plant Manager of Ulstrup Plast s.r.o., Slovakia

Mia Mørk
Executive Assistant of SP Group A/S

Anie Simard
Vice President, Ergomat Inc. USA

David Bourghardt
CEO of Brdr. Bourghardt AB, Sweden

April Zhu
Supply Chain Manager, Tinby Co. Ltd. China

Przemyslaw Tuzikiewicz
Managing Director, Tinby Sp. z.o.o. Poland and Accoat Sp. z.o.o Poland

Gusten Bergmark
CEO of Nycopac AB, Sweden

Michael Therkelsen
CEO of MM Composite A/S

Peter Fejfer
Director, MM Composite Inc.

Kim Holm Hansen
Director, Tinby Skumplast A/S

Jens Møller
Director, Kodan Plast s.r.o. Slovakia

Peder Hyldegaard
Director, Kodan Plast s.r.o. Slovakia

Rafal Szefer
Managing Director, SP Medical Sp. z.o.o

Anders Vestermark Hansen
Group Chief Accountant, SP Group A/S

Anna Szymczak
CFO, SP Group's Polish companies

Izabela Filipiak
Plant Manager, Ergomat Sp. z o.o., Poland

Li Chao
Plant Manager, Gibo Plast Co. Ltd., China

Laila Lundsgaard
Managing Director of Neptun Plast A/S

Niels Martin Lundsgaard
Technical Manager of Neptun Plast A/S and Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S

Cecilie Ertman Lundsgaard
Director Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S

Heine Andersen
IT Security Manager, SP Group A/S

Lotte Burmølle Andersen
ESG Manager, SP Group A/S

Aimo Jollmann
CEO, Jollmax Coating OY, Finland

Ole Lykke Jensen
Managing Director of DAVINCI 3D A/S

Steen Vilsøe Nielsen
Managing Director of Bovil ApS

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