Injection moulding

SP Moulding A/S and Ulstrup Plast A/S manufacture advanced plastic precision components for a wide range of industries.

SP Moulding and Ulstrup Plast are producers of technical plastic devices and perform assembly work. SP Moulding and Ulstrup Plast are market leader and among the largest injection moulders in the Nordic region.

SP Medical A/S manufactures products for customers in the medical devices industry, including finished products such as guidewires. Production takes place in clean rooms. SP Medical is among the 3-4 largest players in the Nordic region.

SP Moulding, Ulstrup Plast and SP Medical have more than 375 injection moulding machines at their disposal with a clamping force ranging from 25 tonnes to 1300 tonnes.

SP Moulding and SP Medical also provide two- and three-component plastic solutions.

Locations: Juelsminde (DK), Stoholm (DK), Lynge (DK), Karise (DK), Pobedim (SK), Sieradz and Zdunska Wola (PL) and Suzhou (China)


Coreplast Laitila Oy offers production and assembly and has 45 injection moulding machines, among these serveral two- and three-component machines.


MedicoPack is a manufacturer of blow moulding components for medico and Pharmaceutical Companies and hospitals worldwide. The production es placed in Langeskov.


Meditec Plaststøgning A/S is specialized in the production of injection moulded healthcare products and assembly. 

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