Executive Board and Group Management

Frank Gad, CEO

Born in 1960, MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Frederiksberg.

Frank Gad took up the position as CEO in November 2004 and is also chairman of the board for the most significant subsidiaries in SP Group.
Previous employment: CEO of FLSmidth A/S (1999-2004), CEO of Marsk Container Industri A/S (1996-1999) and employment at Odense Staalskibsværft A/S (1985-1999), Executive Vice President at the time of resignation.

External directorships: Director of Frank Gad ApS, Gadinvest A/S, Gadplast ApS and Gadmol ApS. Investeringsselskabet Damhaven A/S (BF).

Shares in SP Group: 133,830 personally owned (-40,000) and 279 (-80,000) through his own company. Related party 1,293,500 (-55,000).

Warrants in SP Group: 30,000

Frank Gad's shares (personally owned and related parties') account for 11,4% of the shares issued in SP Group. If warrants are included, the holding accounts for 11,6% of the shares issued.

Attendance rate: 100%

Male, Danish Citizen.


Søren Ulstrup, Executive Vice President

Born in 1966, Plastics engineer.

Employed since 2015.

Was appointed to the Executive Board in 2020. Also CEO of SP Moulding and Ulstrup Plast and chair of the Board of Directors of Coreplast and board member of other subsidiaries.

Chair of the Danish Plastics Federation, chair of Ad-Client A/S, chair of Ulstrup Invest ApS, chair of the Executive Committee of DI, member of the Central Board of DI, board member of Roll-o-matic A/S, board member of FOM A/S, board member of LBT Ejendomme and Lynge Uggeløse Brugsforening – also director of Søren Ulstrup Invest ApS.

Warrants in SP Group: 22,500 

Shares in SP Group: 29,831 personally owned (-7,331) and 172,094 through related parties (-62,187)

Attendance rate: 90%

Male, Danish Citizen.


Lars Ravn Bering, Executive Vice President

Born in 1976, MSc Engineering and B.Com. in Supply chain.

Employed since 2017.

Was appointed to the Executive Board in 2020. Anso Managing Director of Gibo Plast A/S and Dan-Hill-Plast A/S and responsible for Group IT.

Previous employment: Nilfisk (2016-2017). Gibo Plast (2011-2016). Vestas (2011). Gibo Plast (2007-2011). Dansac (2004-2007).

Warrants in SP Group: 22,500.

Shares in SP Group: 6,725 personally owned (-10,100) and 15,405 through related parties (+15,405).

Attendance rate: 100%

Male, Danish Citizen.


Tilde Kejlhof

Born 1978, Master of Economics.

Group CFO.

Employed since 1 January 2020.

Previous employment: Harald Halberg Holding 2006-2009. Employed in the subsidiary MedicoPack from 2009-2019 as CFO.

Warrants in SP Group: 10,000.

Shares in SP Group: 3,000 personally owned (+1,500).

Attendance rate: 100%

Female, Danish citizen.











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