Innovative plastic solutions for the windmill industry

Transportation and operation of windmills call for shielding and protective solutions, for example of parts and openings that need protection against moisture and dirt or shielding of moving parts to protect fitters. Such solutions are traditionally made of glass fibre or metal, but technical plastic has in many cases proven to be a much better choice. This is documented in a large number of shielding and protective solutions we have developed in close cooperation with windmill manufacturers.


Flexible, light and cheap

Plastic is a very flexible material, which offers a lot more design options than for instance metal. We can work more freely with form and colour, round and arched lines, and we can stamp logos or text into the material. One advantage is that the plastic solutions can be shaped to make handling and installing much easier. In addition, plastic is a cheaper material once the investment in the form has been made; actually it is so cheap that it pays to throw some of the shields – made from environmentally friendly plastic – out once the windmills have reached their destination. Finally, plastic is much lighter than metal.


Partnership gives the best solutions

Plastic solutions for the windmills are made in close cooperation with the manufacturers. This approach gives the best solutions. We make all our technical, design and practical competencies available when our customers want to develop new plastic solutions. The earlier we become involved in the development phase, the better the solutions.

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