Climate Cover

Polyuretan increases effect of solar water heater installations

Solar water heater installations, which are often seen on roofs in the south, typically consist of a solar panel installed on the roof and a separate water tank. It is a great and environmentally friendly energy solution, but the drawback is that winds and cool nights often cause large energy losses in these installations.
Aguasol has developed an idea and a design that solves the problem: A polyurethane wrapping encloses water tank, absorber and glass plate in one cabinet. Polyurethane is the perfect material for the cabinet due to its excellent insulating power, which by far surpasses for example mineral cotton. And Tinby is the perfect supplier and partner due to our great expertise in polyurethane. With more than 20 years’ experience with the material, we have accumulated special competencies in moulding complicated products in large geometries and in using specially developed raw materials, which offer optimal insulation as well as a hard, wear-proof surface.


An energy efficient and aesthetic solution

The outcome of the partnership is the Aguasol unibody: A polyurethane cabinet that increases the effect of the solar water heater significantly and is much nicer to look at. The hard external shell creates a nice surface and foam optimized for insulation ensures optimal energy use and minimal energy loss.

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