Shareholders' return

At present, the Board of Directors of SP Group primarily intends to apply profits to strengthen the Company’s financial position and finance initiatives that can contribute to profitable growth. The Board of Directors proposes dividend of DKK 6.00 per share to the shareholders, as the Group has reached its goal that EBIT must exceed 5% of revenue, that the Equity ratio must exceed 25%. NIBD/EBITDA is below 4.0.

During the year, the SPG share was traded at prices between 322.0 and 703.0. The share price was DKK 373.5 at 1 January 2016 and DKK 674.0 at 31 December 2016, corresponding to a market value of DKK 1,535.4 million. In 2016, the return on the share was 81.5%, including the dividend of DKK 4.00 per share. The return on the SPG share was thus considerably higher than the general development on NASDAQ Copenhagen. Seen over a 7-year period, the SPG share has yielded a return considerably above market; see the figure on page 33.

In 2010, the share price increased by 97%. In 2011, the share price increased by 7.7%. In 2012, the share price increased by 32% and yielded dividends of 2.0%. In 2013, the share price increased by 92% and yielded dividends of approx. 2.0%. In 2014, the share price decreased by 4.6% and yielded dividends of approx. 1.3%. In 2015, the share price increased by 70.2% and yielded dividends of 1.6%. In 2016, the share price increased by 80.5 % and yielded dividends of 1.1 %. In the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2016, the SPG share yielded a total return of 1,520 %, including dividend.

The Company will still try to fully or partially hedge warrant programmes by buying back treasury shares.

A motion to mandate the Board of Directors to repurchase shares at market value going forward will be tabled at the annual general meeting.

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