Executive Board

Frank Gad, CEO
Born in 1960, MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Frederiksberg.

Frank Gad took up his position in November 2004 and is also the CEO of SP Moulding A/S and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the most significant subsidiaries of SP Group.

Previous employment: CEO of FLSmidth A/S (1999-2004), President of Marsk Container Industri A/S (1996-1999) and employment at Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd. (1985-1999), Executive Vice President at the time of resignation.

External directorships: Director of Frank Gad ApS, Gadplast ApS and Gadmol ApS. Investeringsselskabet Damhaven A/S (BF).

Shares in SP Group: 89,966 personally owned (0) and 271,168 (-6,105) through his own company. Related party 3,990 (0).


Jørgen Hønnerup Nielsen, CFO
Born in 1956, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Odense.

Jorgen Nielsen joined Tinby in 1987 and has been employed in SP Group since 2002. Jorgen Nielsen was admitted as member of the Group Executive Board at 1 March 2007.

Previous employment: Rasm. Holbeck og Son A/S 1985-87, Revisionsfirmaet Knud E. Rasmussen 1978-85.

External directorships: None.

Shares in SP Group: 26,995 personally owned (+300).